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ICQ 2 go is web based ICQ client. There is no installation needed, you just go to the web site and have fun.
ICQ 2 go offers solution for connecting from Internet Cafes and other computers, where you can't install and download software. You can communicate with your friends the same way as with standard ICQ client.
ICQ 2 go has got very cool looking user interface based on Flash, in which you can chat, save your history and also receive alerts about your friends online. You just log in and start chatting just like you are used to.
this version of ICQ 2 go may not include certain features, functionalities, or services that may be available on other versions of ICQ, including privacy and security features and their default settings.
Although it's great for chatting with your friends when you are out of your personal computer. We wish you a lot of fun with ICQ 2 go, online minimalistic version of ICQ.

ICQ 2 go tutorial

In this 5 step tutorial we will teach you how to use ICQ 2 go
1. Go to the ICQ 2 go web site
2. Click on the Launch button, new window with Flash version of ICQ 2 go will appear
3. Log in, fill in your ICQ number and password
4. Your body list appears, status alerts show, you can start chatting!
5. To log out of the ICQ 2 go just close the window

What is ICQ?

ICQ is an instant messaging application (instant messenger, IM), which allows you to communicate with your friends over the Internet. It's very easy to use and extremly  popular. You can send and receive messages, watch status of your friends, send files, play games and many other things. Icq 2 go allows you to log in and send messages even if you are not on your home computer. Flash web interface is used to accomplish that.
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